A Company From Japan Has Brought Tomatina Festival To Metaverse

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A company from Japan had been eager for a while to bring the Tomatina festival experience to the virtual world.

Tomatina Festival Moves to Metaverse

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Finally, the company has made it happen as it has launched a theme park based in Shima in real-time to the metaverse.

Now people living in any part of the world with access to the metaverse will be able to experience and enjoy the La Tomatina festival.

It is a festival that is celebrated almost every year in Spain in a town called Bunol. People not only from Spain but from all over the world participate in the festival.

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At the festival, people throw tomatoes at each other as it is considered that tomatoes are the best way to clear out infections.

Japan also launched a theme part based on the same format in Shima, Japan. The country tried recreating the Tomatina festival in their country but a Japanese company has taken it to the next level.

Newtrace is working on the Project

As per the reports, Newtrace is the company that is working on a particular project.

The company has been eager to bring the real-time experience of the Tomatina festival to the locals in Japan and the rest of the world.

For this purpose, it has launched the particular theme part that is based in Shima into the metaverse.

In the metaverse, Newtrace has introduced another festival for users, which is Sanfermines. However, the company has done it in a very unique manner.

As communicated by the officials at Newtrace, they have introduced both experiences through the theme park in the form of a minigame.

Now, the users will be able to experience the festivals, and the theme park, and have fun through the minigame.

Roblox Platform is used for the Minigame

Newtrace has reportedly used the Roblox platform for the purpose of launching the theme park. The name of the theme park is Parque Espana, which means Shima Spain Village.

In addition to offering the experiences of the festival, the project will also offer the landscapes of the city based in Spain.

The landscapes have been adopted from the Castle of Javier de Navarra and Puerta del Sol.

Running of the Bulls

The Newtrace teams working on the project have revealed that they have offered these experiences in the minigame, dubbed “Running of the Bulls”.

The particular game resembles the Sanfermines festival that is held in Spain. In this particular festival, the bulls are drawn to the arena where the final bullfight events take place.

However, the most interesting part of the event is the way the bulls are escorted to the arena. The bulls are released behind the large group of people wanting to participate in the event.

As the bulls come ramming, the participants have to make sure that they dodge their attacks. They have to continue running and protect themselves from the bulls.

Throughout the process, the participants keep provoking the animals even more. By the time the bulls enter the arena, they are filled with rage and are ready to ram into the fighter.

Newtrace has combined both festivals and in the game, the participants will try to outrun the bulls while throwing tomatoes at them.

Opportunity to Earn Coins

By participating in the game, the players get to earn digital coins. They can use the coins and purchase different kinds of items that are available through the particular metaverse platform.

The users have access to purchasing different kinds of items that even include churros. The event and the platform are already alive in the metaverse.

Roblox confirmed on December 20 that the game had been launched through their platform on the same day.

Once again, it is a different kind of experience for the users but they can win prizes and coins playing it, while they enjoy the festivals.

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