A New Survey Reveals Netherlands Is More Prepared Than Other Countries For Metaverse

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Whether anyone likes it or not, metaverse technology has been expanding all over the world. The industry is constantly expanding all over the world and is reaching out to every consumer.

When it comes to the adoption of the metaverse, different regions have reacted to the technology in their own manner. There is a lot of competition among the countries to adopt metaverse technology.

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However, the level of adoption depends on the public living in each country. If they do not find the technology interesting enough, they do not become part of it.

Netherlands is Ambitious to Adopt Metaverse

According to the latest survey, the Netherlands is more ready than any other country in the world to adopt and benefit from the metaverse technology.

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Uswitch, a telephone, and internet service researcher have shared a study revealing that the Netherlands is eager to explore the metaverse technology.

It has taken into consideration multiple technical checks in order to conduct thorough research around the countries with a high potential of adopting metaverse.

The firm has assessed the high technology export prices, the number of financial start-ups based on blockchain networks, and the prices of broadband packages.

The firm has also assessed the broadband speeds of each country to come up with the data around its research.

After carefully analyzing all the data, they have come to the conclusion that the Netherlands has the highest tendency of adopting the metaverse technology.

Netherlands’ Metaverse Adoption Tendency is the Highest

After carrying out the research, the firm has come to the conclusion it is the Netherlands and has the best conditions for adopting the metaverse technology.

All of the conditions currently in the Netherlands are very hospitable for the expansion of metaverse technology in the country.

The most important factor for the expansion of metaverse technology in any jurisdiction is internet speed.

The Netherlands has the most suitable and fast internet connection which is very favorable for metaverse technology. The average broadband speed in the Netherlands is around 106.51 Mbps.

When it comes to producing high-technology exports, the Netherlands successfully achieved $6,000 in exports for high-technology per capita in the year 2021.

Netherlands Ranks No. 1 in Terms of Metaverse Interest

From the consumer standpoint, the Netherlands demonstrates the highest level of interest in metaverse technology.

Therefore, it has been ranked as the number one country when it comes to showing interest in the adoption of metaverse technology.

Other Countries Following the Netherlands

Many more countries are also eager to adopt the metaverse technology on a very high scale. However, they are ranked after the Netherlands.

According to the report, France, Malta, Lithuania, and Switzerland are also interested in adopting Web3 and metaverse technology.

Among the mentioned countries, Malta is the country that was the first to adopt cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It also made itself the hub for the respective technologies a long time ago.

Where do the US and the UK Stand?

When it comes to the United States and the United Kingdom, they are not among the top 5 countries in terms of metaverse adoption.

Instead, the United States ranks as the 12th country and the United Kingdom is the 7th country in the list of top metaverse-ready countries.

Although there has been a lot of turbulence in the cryptocurrency market the metaverse seems unaffected by the downfall.

The metaverse industry is constantly expanding and it may continue increasing its influence across the globe.

The metaverse is being adopted in different sectors that include gaming, music, clubs, concerts, and different kinds of entertainment-related experiences.

With time, a lot of innovations and advancements have been introduced within the metaverse. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before the metaverse industry will gain tremendous adoption.

The research by Uswitch shows that the Netherlands will be the country benefiting the most from the adoption of metaverse technology.

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