Avalanche Blockchain is to be used for Hosting International Chess Federation (FIDE)

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The company has announced that they have scored a huge deal that is going to stay for the long term. The company has confirmed that they have formed a long-term partnership with FIDE.

Ava Labs Partners with FIDE

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Ava Labs officials have confirmed that they have formed a new and long-term partnership with the International Chess Federation.

Their partnership would see the international chess games being hosted through blockchain solutions. They are glad that the Avalanche blockchain has been chosen by FIDe for the partnership.

The Avalanche blockchain is going to offer its utility and technology for the purpose of bringing more recognition to the chess game.

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Ava Labs, the company behind the development of the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain has scored a major deal in its favor.

The company is a Web3 organization and has been overseeing the promotion and progress of the Avalanche blockchain.

The blockchain community is formed of millions of users so the chess game coming to the technology would be very promising for the game.

Announcement by Avalanche

The officials at the Avalanche blockchain were glad to announce that their blockchain network had been selected by the FIDE for the purpose.

FIDE aims to launch on-chain applications that will bring more crowds and players to the world of chess. Chess is considered to be one of the most traditional and brainteasing games.

The game requires a lot of strategies and brain power so it is considered one of the most popular games throughout the world.

However, the future of the chess game is moving in the darker regions as youngsters are more into digital games than being in real games.

FIDE has found the best way to keep the players intact and bring in more players from around the world. The chess federation has tapped into the most advanced and highly adopted technology in the world for this purpose.

Over the course of time, FIDE will have the Avalanche blockchain work on a number of applications that will be related to chess. They will be coming up with more tools and features for the applications.

Avalanche has confirmed that their entire goal is to make sure that they come up with the most competent and streamlined applications for the players.

Their applications and tools will be tamper-proof and will offer transparent data processing. This way, more users will love to join the Avalanche blockchain plus become part of the chess gaming industry.

FIDE to Attract a Huge Number of Associations to Avalanche

The FIDE is known for being the ultimate body when it comes to coordinating with chess associations from all over the world.

More than 200 national chess associations from all over the world are in coordination with the FIDE. As FIDE adopts blockchain technology, it is only a matter of time before its associates also do the same.

With the chess industry moving to blockchain technology, all other chess associations apart from FIDE would like to become part of it.

Going forward, the Avalanche blockchain may become the platform where multiple chess tournaments would take place.

For now, it is expected that the Avalanche blockchain will be hosting the Chess Olympiad, the World Chess Championship, and so many international tournaments.

For FIDE, it has become very important to adopt online and blockchain-based gaming platforms.

According to studies, the total number of chess players playing the game in real-time is just 100 million. However, the total number of chess players playing the game online is 400 million.

This makes chess a community of 500 million active players and out of the total players, only 20% play the game in real time and the rest play it digitally.

As the Avalanche blockchain gets bombarded with so many players, it is ought to become the largest blockchain in the entire crypto-verse.

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