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Steve Bassi stated that awareness about cyber security is being shortened by excessive data research. He also stated that for the progress of cybersecurity, blockchain needs to be infused into the space.

The Need to Leverage Blockchain in Cybersecurity

The blockchain space is progressing daily, but cybersecurity is a very important factor for the safety of users. Users must be adequately protected from cyber-criminals bent on stealing and hacking from innocent cyber users.

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Blockchain must be infused into cyberspace to create a stronger and safer internet for users. The cyber threat intelligence company CEO revealed that cyberspace needs a security project to protect users.

According to Cointelegraph, PolySwarm’s CEO stated that blockchain technology and security campaigns are increasing daily. However, we must leverage the advantage of blockchain to help create more secure cyberspace. 

“Judging from statistics, campaigns about cybersecurity and blockchain have been on a high. During my days as a Cyber security personnel, the number surged drastically”.

“However, with the surge and high amount of campaigns being held, we still haven’t figured out the way forward. Cybersecurity companies are yet to discover or tap into how blockchain can be leveraged to create a more secure cyber industry”.

However, Steve stated that PolySwarm had done several research, evaluations, and tests to make the campaign a reality. He revealed that his company, PolySwarm, has discovered the application of blockchain in creating safe cyberspace.

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Steve stated that the project being built would allow blockchain technology to be used in creating a safe space. However, he stated that the project cost a fortune to sponsor research. They compensated people, users, and cyber-victims who volunteered to give information about malicious software used by cyber-criminal.

“Researching malicious software and infrastructure reduces the period of malware campaigns. The project will help to protect PolySwarm’s users, clients, and cyberspace from becoming more secure and efficient.”

Anti-Virus Companies Gathering Data on  Malware

Steve Bassi also revealed that antivirus companies are already gathering data on “ultra-valuable malware. He stated that the project is a good one; however, users who volunteer are not being compensated.

Bassi was asked about the different ways used by firms like Google and Facebook to garner information. He stated that Google is a Web2 while security companies are Web3, which deal with security rather than advertising.

Stealthily, security companies are beginning to find their way into the cryptocurrency space. Last month, a cybersecurity company, Octagon, transferred all of its assets into BTC. Octagon Networks also approved the acceptance of Bitcoin as a mode of payment with a discount for those paying in BTC.

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