Calvaria, A P2E Game For Crypto And Metaverse Gaming Left With 27% Purchasable Tokens

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Even at the time of writing, the RIA token is counting the final hours of its final presale phase.

Those who are eager to participate in the token’s presale, have the chance to get their hands on the last 27% of the total tokens.

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RIA Token belongs to Calvaria which has emerged as one of the highly anticipated play-to-earn (P2E) games in the cryptocurrency industry.

The game is also targeting the metaverse sector so the audiences from all sectors within the crypto industry can partake in it.

The game has emerged as one of the most innovative gaming platforms in the entire crypto-verse. It is aiming to target a large audience with aim of expanding its jurisdiction.

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A Little about Calvaria

So far, every single phase of presale hosted by Calvaria for the RIA token has proven to be a huge success, making the protocol quite promising for early investors.

The heavy investments coming in for the RIA token are a positive indication that the crypto community has started to accept Calvaria.

If there is a strong player base for the Calvaria game, it means that there will be a very strong investor base for the RIA tokens.

According to the developers, they have developed Calvaria to be one of the most interactive and highly engaging blockchain-based games.

The game has been set in a theme of an afterlife where interested players will be given the chance to interact in a metaverse-based platform.

Game Encourages Purchasing of NFTs

The game comes as an all-out package for the entire cryptocurrency industry as it is loaded with various  experiences.

Whether it targets the general crypto market, the metaverse, or the non-fungible token (NFT) industry, Calvaria has been designed to offer various experiences.

It is a card battle game where each card represents a hero or a character with fighting attributes and special abilities.

The players can collect the non-fungible tokens by purchasing them from Calvaria’s store. The NFTs are represented by cards and the players have the opportunity to collect as many of them as possible.

The NFT card decks are also available in the form of tiers. The players can get normal NFT cards, rare, unique, or different kinds of cards playing the Calvaria game.

Fight with the Cards

The players can collect as many cards as possible with unique and distinct features and attributes to fight battles against opponents.

As the players continue fighting against other players, they keep winning rewards for their wins. The process can continue and the players can even generate income from playing these games.

One of the most interesting parts of the battle includes the setting of wagers. The players have the option of wagering tokens against each other which works like a betting system.

Each player can add a wager of multiple tokens for the battle against the opponents. This way, the players can make things more interesting for themselves and can earn huge prizes and rewards.

NFT Cards are Tradeable/Sellable

Another interesting feature of Calvaria’s gaming system is that the players are allowed to sell their NFT card decks.

They can sell them for a price and upon a sale, they receive funds in the form of RIA tokens.

Tokens Offered by the Calvaria System

At the moment, two different kinds of tokens are being offered on the Calvaria ecosystem.

The first one is the eRIA token which is the token that the players earn as a reward. The second token is the RIA token which is the native currency of the Calvaria ecosystem.

The players have to use the RIA token to purchase NFT card decks offered on Calvaria’s store. The users can even use the RIA tokens to interact with multiple features, tools, and services in the Calvaria ecosystem.

At the time of writing, the price of the RIA token is $0.03 and in the first presale phase, the value of the token was at $0.01. This means that the price of the token has already surged by 300%.

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