CID Department From Tamil Nadu Adopts Blockchain Technology For Grievances And Complaints

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The Tamil Nadu Idol Wing CID has made an announcement pertaining to adopting a new technology for the public to interact with them.

The Tamil Nadu Idol Wing has confirmed that they have introduced a new platform that is unique and digital in nature.

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The CID Adopts Blockchain-Based Platform

According to the officials, it is a one-of-a-kind digital platform that they have introduced for the locals. Blockchain technology had never been adopted in the way that they have adopted.

The digital platform they have introduced is based on blockchain technology. Through the platform, the public will be able to share information about the ongoing illegal and illicit activities in their areas.

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Using the new technology, users will no longer have to share any kind of personal details when filing complaints and sharing grievances.

The particular CID branch has made it clear that the particular platform is to be used for reporting illegal activities involving idols.

The locals can report illegal sales, possession, and smuggling of antique idols without having to share their personal details. This way, the locals will feel safe and secure when reporting such illicit activities.

The Idol Wing made the announcement about the launch of the new platform on Friday. Since the announcement, the platform is live for the users.

Firozabad District Took the Step

According to the reports, it is the Firozabad district police in Uttar Pradesh (UP) that has taken the initiative.

The Firozabad district police have announced that it was part of their model to include blockchain technology in their latest advancements.

They want their investigations and raids to be more effective against the criminals involved in illicit activities.

They are confident that blockchain technology would come in handy for them to bring changes to the entire system.

The processes will become more streamlined and effective against criminal groups. They will continue adding more investigation departments to the blockchain platform.

The locals will be able to report complaints and grievances against criminals without sharing any of their personal information.

Before this, people were always afraid of coming to the police stations and reporting such criminals as they feared for their lives. Now the situation is different and people will freely file reports against such activities.

The police authorities will be able to tackle and get rid of the criminals in their area and the locals will play a huge role in that.

Comments by Idol Wing DGP

K Jayanth Murali talked about the significance of the new blockchain-based platform.

He stated that the locals will be able to use the platform to share their concerns about illicit activities with the authorities.

Even the staff members at the Idol Wing of CID will be able to use the same platform to share their concerns and grievances over criminal activities and investigations.

If someone within the Idol Wing is not loyal to the department and is helping the criminals, other staff members can also share such information.

This way, they will not only eradicate corruption from their region but also internally from their department.

NFTs and SBTs Launched by the Idol Wing

In addition to launching the platform for complaints and grievances, the authorities have launched the platform for other purposes as well.

The Idol Wing has confirmed that they will be launching the Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs) and the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through their platform as well.

These will be among the initiatives they will be taking through blockchain technology.

The particular tokens being launched by the Idol Wing would be for the purpose of rewards. People who become informants for the authorities deserve the right to be rewarded.

Therefore, they will be rewarded with non-fungible tokens and the SBTs. This is a process that is going to continue for a long term so the rewards will continue flowing for the informants.

As a result, their demand and value will continue rising, becoming a huge earning opportunity for the locals.

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