Coinbase is Planning to Host 1 Billion Customers Worldwide

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Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. Speaking on the matter, President Emilie Choi recently added that the company is ready to spread its wings internationally and grab more M&A opportunities as much as possible.

Choi, who is also working as the Chief Financial Officer at Coinbase, told the media that the platform is looking to accommodate around 1 billion users in the next five years. Addressing the attendees at the Bloomberg Financial Innovation Summit recently, Choi claimed that cryptocurrency trading has now entered the mainstream markets.

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Coinbase, CLO Paul Garewal posted in an official blog that SEC sent a Wells notice to the public limited cryptocurrency exchange in September last year. It is worth noting that Wells notice is a formal information letter to any individual or entity that the SEC is considering prosecution.

Reflecting on the matter, Choi claimed that the company is planning to work in coordination with Coinbase. She also pointed out that as many as 50 regulatory institutions are operating in the United States. She emphasized that it would be a great advancement for the crypto industry if the government introduced proper digital trading regulations.

The crypto winter is a term that is referred to the slowing of activity in the digital asset markets at the end of the current year. Investors like Michael Van De Poppe, Robert Kiyosaki, Willy Woo, and some others have pointed out the phenomenon recently. Choi showed a big enthusiasm towards the event despite the fear of readings increasing the market.

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She claimed that crypto winter is a great time for investors to increase their accumulations and replenish their crypto reserves. In August, Coinbase absorbed Xapo International business. With the new merger, Coinbase was able to become the largest cryptocurrency custodian in the world. The company also announced plans for doing the same with crypto broker Tagomi.

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