Cryptocurrency Exchange MEXC Global Announces Partnership with Elrond

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Elrond is an internet-scale blockchain project that has recently attracted the attention of cryptocurrency traders. The main reason for this heightened speculation is the latest announcement made by the CEO of Elrond. Beniamin Mincu, CEO of Elrond, recently took to Twitter to share the news about the latest service contract.

The company in prospect is a Singaporean cryptocurrency exchange called MEXC Global. Mincu also has some details about the scope of the new partnership. He explained in his tweet that MEXC Global will provide support like guidance, new market access, and assist in securing funding for Elrond blockchain. He also claimed that with the new association the crypto enterprise will be able to branch out into 200 new countries.

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Elrond is Working Alongside Central Bank of Romania for Extending its Services

Twispay is a digital payments organization that is regulated by the Central Bank of Romania. Elrond blockchain signed another partnership contract with the Romanian digital payments platform that was overlooked by the National Bank of the South-Eastern European region. The management of Elrond Network (EGLD) completed the documentation process for the venture in March.

Another important cryptocurrency payment platform acquired by Elrond is Utrust. Utrust has not shared its head office located on the website but one of its executives seems to hail from Portugal. According to the management of Elrond, the Utrust acquisition will allow making way for greater e-commerce and cross-border payments options for the organization.

During the last week, the price performance of the Elrond native token has shown positive development. The driving force behind this positive ascend is the latest acquisition and important cryptocurrency ventures that the company has been undertaking recently. As per the data projections from CoinMarketCap with a 31% rise during the last 7 days, the EGLD token has reached the per-unit price of $172.47.

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At press time, Elrond blockchain holds a total market cap of $3.71 billion making it the 35th largest cryptocurrency on the global scoreboard. It is worth noting that the token is still away from its all-time high of $542. Elrond blockchain management seems to work on developing a distributed application platform with commercial plug-ins for crypto and fiat payments and support infrastructure for the new internet economy.

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