Dutch Authorities Seize NFTs for the First-Time Ever

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The Dutch police recently made two first-of-their-kind raids. The raids were quite unlike any other police activity seen before. The raid aimed to seize the outflow of the NFT series that allegedly contains state confidential information. The police were able to take possession of several blockchain certificates and some cryptocurrency reserves.

The local media outlet of the Netherlands, NLTimes, recently reported the incident. According to the statement of the Dutch police, the NFTs were seized by the authorities from the northernmost cities of the country named Hilversum and Weesp, respectively. The NFTs were recovered from residential addresses.

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Recently, the police of the Netherlands reported that the investigation to uncover the culprits has been undergoing for a long time. The police also mentioned that the authorities have been tailing personal data breaches and violators for a long time. With the recovery of the NFTs collections, two guys aged 19 and 23 were also arrested. These youngsters are now facing charges to collect the personal information of the users to steal the NFTs.

Thus far, the law enforcement authorities have refrained from revealing how much cryptocurrencies were recovered. The police have also kept the stolen NFTs confidential. A technical inspector suggested that the police were now in possession of the secret keys uncovered by the thieves. The court will eventually decide on the recovery and reimbursement of the seized digital materials.

Police may Auction Stolen NFTs and Crypto Assets

According to a statement issued to the NOS, the Dutch police recently claimed that the NFTs and the cryptocurrencies that have been seized from the hackers might be auctioned. The police department is said to be unfamiliar with the real worth of the collection. The authorities are waiting for the ruling of the court on the matter.

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The police department also maintained that the current value had not been revealed since the value of digital currencies is always subject to great fluctuations. Todd Kramer posted on Twitter that he was hoping to get some help from the police and posted that all my apes are gone. The tweet has since been deleted but has now become another meme and NFT itself. Kramer lost around $2.2 million in the heist, and OpenSea blacklisted the Ape NFT collection sales after the incident.

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