Florida Governor Claims that the State will Accept Tax Payments in Bitcoin

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Ron DeSantis is the serving Governor of Florida state. He recently issued some comments regarding the integration of the centralized financial framework with the cryptocurrencies network. According to his latest statement, the people of Florida will now be able to pay their taxes in the form of Bitcoin. The news was first confirmed by The Block.

DeSantis made this comment during a press conference. The main agenda of the press conference was to issue comments on the signing of a new financial curriculum bill. The bill was signed on March 22nd as per updates provided by the Governor. He further explained that he has also sent the request to the concerned government departments to make the preparations for accepting Bitcoin for tax settlements.

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Retail and Commercial Consumers will be Able to Avail Crypto Taxes

In the ongoing year, a new trend is sweeping the nations and federal constituencies of integrating cryptocurrency tokens into the existing financial system. One major mode of making this transition happen is by introducing cryptocurrency-based taxonomy laws.

In the same vein, DeSantis is also working in tandem with the state agencies to come up with ways to allow tax payments in the form of Bitcoin. He also emphasized that if some business enterprises wish to pay their taxes in the form of Bitcoin, the state infrastructure should make arrangements to make it possible.

DeSantis has made it clear that he wants to ensure tax collection in the form of Bitcoins. To this end, he has been pushing for budget allocation. However, thus far, the proposal has received some endorsement. Commenting on the matter of state-operated or controlled cryptocurrencies, DeSantis is quite skeptical.

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He claims that with a CBDC, the central government will have too much power and information access to every single citizen. He further expressed his grave reservations about the Biden administration over the issuance of a surprise crypto-related Executive order. A similar campaign has been running in Colorado, where Governor Jared Polis plans to make residential taxes payable in the form of cryptocurrencies before the end of the ongoing year.

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