Former US First Lady has Launched her Own NFT Venture

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Melania Trump is a first lady that has never been around the media or public news despite sharing a life with a public figure like Donald Trump. However, she has finally decided to get out of her comfort zone and introduce a new NFT collection centered on her campaign for children and art lovers. According to the media outlets, the NFT work called Melania’s Vision is going to hit the market pretty soon.

The former first lady has decided to join hands with blockchain network Solana and a social media application called Parlor to broadcast her art project. The buyers who are interested in purchasing the project can pay with credit cards or SOL tokens.

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The Trump family is always attracting attention from the media outlets for one reason or the other. Some political critics are speculating that the Melania Vision NFT series might be a reference to the upcoming mid-term elections. However, the constituents who know and support Trump are sure that it cannot be further from the truth.

For most of Trump’s tenure as the president of the United States, the first lady maintained a very shy stance. She preferred to keep away from the media attention and was mostly absent in important political events. Among the Trump admirers, Melania presented the image of ideal fealty that does not express her opinions or ideas under any circumstances. Some people also called it stoicism.

At several political events and official meetings, Trump conveyed the message on behalf of her wife that she wishes every well or sends her regards. In a public statement about her new art project, Melania has told media that the “Be Best” campaign showcases her passion for art and is directed towards inspiring children. She has also posted 8 pictures with kids in Parlor to finalize the theme.

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Media reporters were quick to point out that the children that Mrs. Trump seeks to inspire might also contain the ones that her husband was planning to ban from entering the country. Meanwhile, Trump is also in the process of launching a social media platform to rival Twitter. Everyone in the political stratosphere of the United States is currently asking the question of the cobalt-colored eyes of Melania will be able to persuade more voters to favor Trump in 2024?

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