Fraudsters Luring Russians Right Into Traps Of ‘Bogus Crypto Investment’

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Russian Online Community in Danger of Falling Into Fraudsters’ Traps

It has complained to a large number of Russians that they have been receiving suspicious emails on their email addresses. This is a rather alarming situation for the locals as it suggests that their emails have been leaked out.

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Complainants have claimed people are trying to get in touch with them for availing a chance of investing in Russia-backed digital currency.

This goes to suggest that despite the strictness and a tight regulator infrastructure, imposters have been able to make it through the spaces.

They have further reported that unidentified individuals have been claiming that they are officials from the Russian regulator.

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This goes to suggest that the potential scammers/regulators have become more determined in coming up with newer ways of trespassing security systems.

Complainants have been told that Government has launched a crypto investment scheme that could be beneficial for investors.

It goes on to suggest that the scammers are determined to launch an all-out scheme that is going to deprive users of their investments and money.

This story was duly covered by a local media company called Tass and later picked up by Kaspersky Lab.

The media report noted that Russian online users have been receiving messages contained in emails from cybercriminals. It further noted that online users in Russia are currently in great danger of falling victim to fraudsters.

Thousands of Russians Have Received Emails from Fraudsters

According to Tass, such messages have so far been received by multiple thousands of Russians. They started to be received at the persons’ email ids in the last week of February 2023.

It has been claimed in such emails that the Russian Government is in the process of launching a state-backed cryptocurrency. For this purpose, the Government’s intention is to encourage small, medium, and large-sized local investors.

It has been further claimed in the emails that the initial purchase of the so-called Government-backed crypto would be beneficial for investors.

The news further reveals that emails contain a ‘link’ to a particular website that directs the users to the investment scheme.

On the other hand, the website purports that it has been established by the creator of Telegram namely ‘Pavel Durov’. It may be noted that Telegram is the number one social interaction platform in the global crypto community.

Enticement In The Fraudulent Scheme

The fraudulent scheme of crypto investment claims that it is capable of offering promising returns to investors. It further guarantees future earnings to those who would be investing in the scheme at the initial stage.

However, the truth is that the investors’ money would land directly in the pockets of the fraudsters and scammers. Guaranteed risks are there and there is no reward, profit, or incentive in the scheme for an investor.

Instead, if anyone opts to be part of the scheme, such a person would be compromising the security of his/her confidential information.

If confidential information falls into the wrong hands, there is a possibility that further harm could be caused.

Role of In Blocking Crypto-Linked Spam Emails is one of the most popular Russian anti-spam apps which has been playing a very effective role in preventing harm.’s technical director has claimed that the anti-spam app has been blocking approximately two hundred thousand crypto-linked scam messages on daily basis.

He further informed that at least 15% of such spam messages are comprised in ‘email’ and/or ‘letterforms’. He further acknowledged that most of such ill-intended messages purport them to be sent by Russian regulators.

A public awareness campaign has however been initiated under the auspices of the Russian Government through the Central Bank of Russia.

Internet users have been advised to improve their checks and balance and due diligence before engaging with such messages.

Furthermore, users have been advised to immediately install security solutions for preventing potential harm.

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