IRS Begins Crackdown On Cryptocurrency Non-taxpayers

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Cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH are gaining widespread popularity and adoption. They are becoming an alternative to conventional financial assets. 

As a result, nations are taking steps to govern and tax the nascent asset class. Also, it has revealed penalties for those who evade crypto tax payments

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In the US, the agency tasked with regulating crypto tax payments is the IRS. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has launched an operation to clamp down on offenders.

A news release on the 16th of June by the Law Offices of David Klasing confirmed the report. Hence, offenders who fail to report crypto income will face the penalty.

Additionally, Damon Rowe, Director of Fraud at the IRS, made a similar announcement last March. While addressing the Federal Bar Association, he made some statements. He said taxpayers should always report their crypto income.

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Meanwhile, the agency has created a committee to help achieve this goal. The committee consists of experts that can track different crypto incomes.

Agency Begins Investigation Of Various Tax Evasion Means By Crypto Users

As per the press statement, crypto users have devised various means to evade tax. Among the methods is the use of structuring. This is where crypto users carry out continuous financial transactions under $10,000.

By doing this, crypto users can bypass the tax reporting condition. However, the agency noted that it is taking steps to curtail this method.

Furthermore, some tax evaders make use of shell corporations. These corporations allow them to hide their cryptocurrency income. 

This is because the company owner’s identity is kept secret. Therefore, this allows them to engage in various financial crimes. Unfortunately, the IRS can not uncover those behind it.

Finally, the IRS operation on “hidden treasure” will investigate cryptocurrency blockchain cloaking tech. The agency noted that some crypto platforms allow taxpayers to buy digital assets anonymously. 

However, this investigation will provide ways to track such unreported crypto transactions. The IRS will leave no stones unturned.

The IRS And Its Interest In Crypto 

Since crypto income taxation began, the IRS has kept a close eye on the sector. Recently, the agency changed a question in its tax return application. The new question now states;

“In 2021, did you at any period sell, receive, exchange, or dispose of financial interest in a digital currency?”

According to Finbold, the IRS introduced the change before the end of the filing season. In the United States, the filing season for taxation ended on the 18th of April. 

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