Jack Miller’s Company Launches Bitcoin Payment Credit Card

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Jack Miller has been one of the influential figures in making the largest world cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, adopted globally. He was nicknamed the “BTC evangelist”, following his activities and constant preaching of the cryptocurrency. 

Miller’s Strike Company Launches BTC Payment Credit Card

During the early hours of the 12th of August, the bitcoin payment company Strike made the Visa credit card launch via the company’s verified Twitter handle. The company made a thread to decipher the importance, use, and how interested Strike users can collect the BTC Visa credit card. 

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The newly launched BTC Visa card is an interoperable card that enables Strike’s users to deposit, spend, receive, and pay in cryptocurrency. They can also exchange their USD for Bitcoin, vice-versa, with a reward attached. The card functions with the normal traditional and cryptocurrency mode of payments

Although, the card has terms and conditions before interested people can get the reward and payment card. The lightning network card will only be available to Strike users who request the card. The tweet stated that the terms and conditions users must meet would be released on the company’s official website.

The card will be disbursed out very soon, after the coalition of Strike users that request the credit card. Strike card can be used anywhere; they use Apple and Google Pay to spend money and also gains rewards from transactions made with the card. After the card gets rolled out, there will be a referral bonus and rewards from users who refer their friends and families. 

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Jack Miller’s Bitcoin Global Adoption Mission

Bitcoin enthusiast Jack Miller is one of the frontiers preaching global adoption of the world’s biggest digital currency, Bitcoin. Miller has always expressed his full support for Bitcoin’s global adoption.

Strike, a BTC network application was launched by Bitcoin enthusiasts years ago to allow and facilitate easy payments and transactions with your cryptocurrencies and earn rewards. The app was launched with many features; users could deposit any amount in USD to their account and convert it to Bitcoin. Employers can also pay their employees via the app, and users can decide to convert a portion of their earnings to BTC. 

The credit card was launched to increase the rate of exposure and interest in cryptocurrency. Following the card launch, the company volunteered to pump 1% of all earnings made from the card to preach Bitcoin awareness. 

“Funding BTC with every swipe. We are putting our money where our vision is” – Jack Miller.

A few months ago, Jack, in a bid to create BTC adoption, collaborated with Shopify, an e-commerce company, to accept BTC as a means of exchange. These are one out of the several moves being made by the enthusiast; there are predictions that the visa card launch will also affect BTC adoption positively.

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