Matrix Actor Keanu Reeves Believes in Crypto

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Keanu Reeves is considered one of the most iconic Hollywood stars there are. At present, he is promoting his new movie by the name of The Matrix Resurrections. He is constantly in touch with various blogs, magazines, and news channels for the sake of promoting his new movie, which is going to hit the theatres anytime soon. He was in an interview with Verge when the reporter asked if he was into cryptocurrency personally. Reeves smiled a little and shared with the world his iconic tale of HODLing. Keanu Reeves says that back in the day, one of his friends bought some crypto for him, and that dedicated stash is out there without anyone touching it, which makes it a HODL.

The interviewer explained to Keanu Reeves what a HODL is and that he actually has a HODL which means buying crypto and then leaving it as it is without touching or interfering. To this, Reeves said, ‘Yes, I have some HODL with me,’ although during the interview, the fact that which specific cryptocurrency Keanu Reeves own remained a secret. There were many questions regarding the new release of Keanu reeves movie by the name of The Matrix Resurrections, but also an interesting session about cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, and Metaverse sprouted out.

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Keanu Reeves does not Like NFTs

The studio that has produced the Matrix series Warner Bros pictures, is also extremely active in the crypto space. The film giant has released more than 100K non-fungible tokens to promote the launch of The Matrix Resurrections in November. These NFTs were initially worth $50, and whoever bought this NFT was given the choice of either taking a red or blue pill, which is one of the most iconic moments from the Matrix series.

When asked what he thinks about non-fungible tokens as these can’t be copied, Reeves laughed by saying that anything that is digital can be easily reproduced. When asked how does he feel about Facebook launching the Metaverse. He said that Facebook shouldn’t have been the one bringing the concept of Metaverse forward because Metaverse is a decentralized element, whereas Facebook is purely centralized, and it is kind of ironic for the social media platform developing the Metaverse.

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