New Survey Reveals 53% of Americans Believe that Crypto Assets will be the Future of Finance

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A new survey result is making rounds on social media sites and gaining a lot of traction among cryptocurrency proponents. The participants of the survey have voted heavily in the favor of crypto tokens as the next big thing in the financial world. However, it is worth noting that the younger generation of people aged between 25 to 34 years old is the ones who are more open and welcoming towards cryptocurrencies.

The survey was conducted by StarkWare, and around 2,000 people hailing from America participated in the survey. The participants were made up of adults of all age groups. The survey asked the participants to answer their opinions about whether they see cryptocurrencies as the future of finance or not. The results of the survey postulate that around 53% of the participants believe that cryptocurrencies are going to be the next big thing in the financial sector.

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It is worth noting that there are many facets of the currency survey that can reveal useful information about the impression of cryptocurrencies as a viable financial commodity in the upcoming days. The participants who participated in the survey aged between 25 to 35 years old voted positively for cryptocurrencies with a 68% output.

On the other hand, the 31-44 year group also showed 61% enthusiasm by voting yes to cryptocurrencies as the future of finance. Furthermore, around 17% of the survey participants postulated the idea that they already have invested their money in cryptocurrencies. The majority of the population also claimed that they have been constantly adjusting and hanging their cryptocurrency reserves according to the rapidly changing market trends in the cryptocurrency space.

Popularity of Cryptocurrencies has Increased

The recent survey also revealed a host of other important factors concerning cryptocurrencies. Another independent research conducted in the United States last year postulated that roughly 10K participants have some idea about digital assets. On the other hand, there were 24% of people who claimed that they have a skilled command of the topic.

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Men aged 18 to 29 were seen as the most active cryptocurrency reserve owners. However, the strength of cryptocurrency owners collectively stood at only 16% last year. Uri Kolodny, the CEO and co-founder of StarkWare claimed that there is massive excitement and anticipation towards the future revolution of cryptocurrencies. He also claimed that the current blockchain network will not be able to sustain the demand among the masses unless the stakeholders switch to smarter tactics.

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