NFL All Day Platform Records Increased NFT Sales During Match Days

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In August 2022, after the start of the NFL regular season, NFL All Day platform got launched. So far, the platform has seen an interesting pattern in its sale data. The users seem to purchase a lot more NFTs on Sundays and Mondays. These are the weekdays when real-world NFL games get played.

While the current crypto bear market is affecting other NFT sales volume and prices, NFL All Day is performing exceptionally well. For instance, on the 12th and 19th of September 2022, the NFL All Day topped CyptoSlam’s 24-hour NFT market chart. It beat the pricey blue-chip NFT collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club.

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On Sunday, 11th September, an NFL matchday, the NFL All Day platform recorded NFT sales worth $1.15 million, representing a 280% increase from the previous day, as per CryptoSlam. The sales on Monday 12th September were almost similar, as the platform recorded nearly $1.2 million.

The same pattern repeated itself on Sunday, 18th September. The platform saw NFT sales worth over $904,000, representing a 203% increase over the previous day.

The following day on Monday, 19th September, the sales grew further as the platform recorded NFT worth over $906,000. In both weeks, the overall sales volume fell significantly the following Tuesday.

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Dapper Labs Senior Marketer Reveals Reasons Driving NFL All Day Sales Surge

NFL All Day NFTs sell more on Sundays and Mondays when NFL games happen. Dapper Labs’ head of marketing Dave Feldman says the reason behind the trend is that the company has introduced a Playbook feature that offers weekly challenges centered around collecting NFTs, especially during game days.

When NFL All Day Platform users complete the challenges, they get rewarded with cosmetic perks for their NFTs. He also links the Playbook feature with increasing visitors to its Discord server. This week, the NFL All Day community recorded a 53% increase in new members over the previous week and a nearly 63% increase in the Discord chat activity.

Dapper Labs Applies a Similar Approach to Its Two NFT Platforms

The NFL All Day has a notable similarity to NBA Top Shop, another Dapper Labs NFT platform that broke into the mainstream back in 2021. The digital collectibles on Both platforms are existing video highlights from each respective league.

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