Onecoin Founder Ruja Ignatova Surfaces After Hiding For 5 Years

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Dr. Ruja Ignatova, the founder of Onecoin, has resurfaced after disappearing from the public eye five years ago.

This month, a filing was made to the British government related to a London property and the Onecoin founder has been linked to it.

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The filing

According to the filing, she is a beneficial owner of a company based in Guernsey, named Abbots House Penthouse Limited, which had purchased a penthouse worth millions of dollars in the London suburb of Kensington.

The New York Post showed that the property had been listed for sale recently for a cost of $15.5 million, which had been reduced to $13.6 million later. The listing has now been removed.

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The rules that apply to overseas companies were changed last year in the United Kingdom due to which Ignatova had no other choice but to come forward.

The disclosure dictates that Abbots House Penthouse Limited has belonged to Ignatova since May 2016.

But, the BBC published a separate report, which said that it is possible to trace back the recent listing to prosecutors in Bielefeld, a city in Germany, instead of Ignatova herself, or UK law officials.

The OneCoin founder

Ignatova had gone into hiding years ago in order to avoid fraud charges and the suggestion of her remerging comes after years.

In 2014, she had launched the OneCoin project that had been touted to investors as the ‘Bitcoin Killer’, but it had turned out to be a Ponzi scheme eventually.

Called ‘The Missing Cryptoqueen’, a BBC Sounds Podcast had discovered that a network had never been developed for the token.

The founder of OneCoin has been added to the Top Ten Most Wanted List of the FBI and is also one of the most high-profile fugitives in Europe.

In 2017, she had been facing allegations of scamming investors out of a whopping $5 billion. A reward of $100,000 is being offered by the FBI to anyone who can provide information that would result in her arrest.

Other details

OneCoin had been based in Bulgaria, but Ignatova had last been seen on a plane, fleeing from the country to Athens, Greece back in 2017.

However, a number of people who had been close to her had faced problems in the role they had played in helping her operate her Ponzi scheme.

Karl Sebastion, the co-founder of OneCoin, had pled guilty last month to charges of money laundering and wire fraud that were filed in New York’s Southern District by federal prosecutors.

A former official of Luxembourg intelligence had also been charged, who had served as the ‘crisis manager’ at OneCoin.

US Attorney Damian Williams said in a statement that a multi-level marketing scheme had been used by OneCoin for promoting and selling fraudulent crypto.

He also stated that Ignatova and Greenwood had developed the OneCoin project primarily for the purpose of defrauding investors.

He said so because of emails that Greenwood had sent in which he called OneCoin investors ‘idiots’ and Ignatova had also discussed an ‘exit strategy’.

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