Peoples’ Choice Crypto “SHIB” Wishes To Arrive In Virtual World

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While SHIB is underperforming yet it is willing to participate in Metaverse in the near future.

Shiba Inu coin, which is the public’s favorite cryptocurrency, known as “SHIB”, is willing to cross the threshold. It simply wants to become part of the virtual world known in today’s time as “Metaverse”. Although the intent is there the timing of showing the intent was not right.

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Undoubtedly, SHIB is amongst one of the fewest cryptocurrencies which have been uplifted solely through public support. It was because of the global support that SHIB is now amongst the top-ten most wanted cryptocurrencies.

SHIB is currently expecting a huge fresh supply of SHIB coins which would impact the circulation of existing coins in the market. The founder of SHIB coin namely Ryoshi has said recently that the fresh supply of SHIB coins is essential for SHIB’s future projects. He revealed that he would want to see SHIB entering into the virtual world.

The statement of Ryoshi clearly suggests that the founder wants SHIB coin to take on Metaverse by becoming part of the virtual world. But for quite some time, SHIB hasn’t been able to make any difference for the past many months and, instead, underperforming.

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For instance, in the past 90 days only, SHIB’s value has decreased by 40%. The current value of each SHIB coin is 0.0000358 against USD. Not too long ago, SHIB even managed to earn record-breaking value when it surged for 100% exactly, bringing value to US$ 0.0000701. The present market value of SHIB’s coin is now 50% less than its best value ever. The positive side for SHIB however is that the digital currency’s value had surged by 375%. But the digital currency’s tech indicators suggest otherwise.

Moving forward with its “underperforming” aspect, it is unlikely that SHIB’s value could take a leap. In fact, a further decline (probably deeper) is expected in the upcoming future. According to an estimate, the value could be reduced down to US$ 0.000030, which could take place either in hours or a few days. Considering SHIB’s past performance, SHIB is in dire need of not gentle but a strong push.

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