Shiba Inu Becomes Another Asset Users Can Use To Buy Web3 Domains

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Unstoppable Domains has made a major announcement involving the purchase of its Web3 domains. When it comes to offering Web3 domains, there is no other provider that comes close to Unstoppable Domains’ dominance.

New Payment Method for Domains 

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Unstoppable Domains has just announced that users wanting to buy domains for Web3 through their platform can do it using another cryptocurrency.

The new token they have introduced as a mode of payment for the Web3 domains is Shiba Inu (SHIB). It is now a new payment method for the users of the visitors/guests on the Unstoppable Domains platform.

The users with SHIB in their possession will be able to purchase the Web3 domains using the meme coin. By doing this, the users can gain access to so many utilities and services that the platform has to offer.

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The platform offers a great level of utility to the users. One of the highest-selling features of the platform is offering Web3 usernames that are human-readable. However, it offers them the ability to create unique usernames.

Unstoppable Domains’ Goal

The technology company based in San Francisco has one goal, in particular, the decentralization of the internet. It has been achieving its goal by offering users and developers the ability to develop and run websites that are decentralized in nature.

Being decentralized means that it is the users that have ownership of the websites they acquire through the Unstoppable Domains.

The platform gained prominence in the crypto industry when it claimed it could help make the crypto wallet addresses simpler and more readable.

The cryptocurrency wallet addresses are complex and almost unreadable by humans, especially, by those who are new to cryptocurrencies.

The platform offered them the utility of converting the difficult and complex addresses of the crypto wallets to URLs that are readable by the users.

With things becoming so favorable and easier for users to understand, the adoption of decentralized domains has surged tremendously.

Due to the services offered by the domain company, the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies has become very convenient among users.

This is where all the utility is coming in for the platform and it has a very strong user base. The number of clients is constantly rising for the company and now, it wants to grow it even bigger with the addition of SHIB.

The meme coin itself has a huge user following, eager for the token to offer them some kind of utility. This is where Unstoppable Domains has come in, offering such utility to the users.

With the token becoming more usable, the adoption level for the token is going to rise, bringing in huge rallies in its favor.

Latest Developments Involving SHIB

Shiba Inu was among the most unsuccessful tokens in the entire crypto-verse throughout the year 2022. However, the token has set out to change the trend for good at the beginning of 2023.

The adoption level for the token has continued rising and it has continued sending waves throughout the world of cryptocurrencies.

Despite the downtrend registered by SHIB in 2022, the crypto firms including the likes of Binance have strong faith in the asset.

In the latest proof-of-reserve (PoR) shared by the exchange, it has revealed holding 78.5 trillion SHIB. Following the announcement, the adoption level rose for the second-largest meme coin.

Another major cryptocurrency exchange, recently shared its PoR, where it revealed holding more than $677 million worth of SHIB.

It showed that SHIB has become the third-largest asset that is held by the exchange as a reserve. The asset is surpassed the likes of USDC whose reserves account for $453.59 million at

When it comes to the increased utility of the SHIB token, Amazon recently announced that it now accepts the meme coin via BitPay.

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