Solana Network Introduces New Crypto Wallet ‘Phantom’

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Solana network has become the 6th largest cryptocurrency project on the global crypto market scale. The blockchain network recently started to gain traction among users after its digital currency wallet application. A few months ago, Solana network introduced Phantom, the first-ever digital currency wallet application for iOS users.

Now, the company has managed to introduce a mirror application for Android users around the globe. The blockchain network recently posted the update on its official Twitter profile adding a link to the Google PlayStore where the users can go and download the application for free.

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With the Phantom application, the users will be able to trade and hold their cryptocurrency reserves, including NFTs, on their mobile Android devices.

Solana Network management also posted an update about Phantom and related cryptocurrency projects in a new blog post. The firm added that users could enjoy feasible features like push notifications and track their recent activity to keep real-time track of their financial activity. The blog post also added that there was a huge pressure of demand among Android users following the iOS launch.

The firm further stated that around 50k participants joined the beta phase of the application. During the testing period, these users were connected with the network and allowed the developers to collect valuable information and feedback before the main launch.

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Solana Network management claims that following the Android version introduction of Phantom, downloads have increased in areas like Vietnam, Indonesia, and India.

Solana will Add more NFT-Friendly Features

According to the Solana network CEO and co-founder Brandon Millman, the company has plans to add more NFT-friendly features to the application. Meanwhile, there are some other features also in the planning phases like real-time NFT sales and purchases. The iOS version of Phantom was introduced in February this year.

Phantom has managed to acquire the Unicorn status, a title that a tech startup gets when its market evaluation exceeds $1 billion. The company was able to raise $109 million during a series of funding events attracting investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Jump Capital, Paradigm, and Variant.

Millman is optimistic that the aforementioned NFT features will go live within the next few months.

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