Solana Network Slows Down due to Popular NFT Project

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The Solana Network has started to gain a lot of attention from the users in the DeFi staking pools. Due to the massive transaction fee issues on the Ethereum network, many projects opted to use alternative platforms like the Solana network. There is a popular NFT-Gaming protocol that has started to gain a lot of attention from the users named SolChicks.

The game makes use of an NFT-collection by the same name and allows the players to hold their assets and use them as avatars. The decision of the game developers to make it a play-to-earn platform and the attractive raids-style combat setup is amassing more players. Raydium is, another blockchain associated with the Solana network, is offering support for the SolChicks, but it is not enough.

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Due to the massive popularity of the SolChicks game, it seems that many players want to add $CHICKS token to their crypto reserves. However, the traffic that it is driving into the Solana network is causing it to slow down significantly. The network developers recently posted an update that the Raydium servers have crashed, and the team is currently working to fix the issue.

SolChicks developers claimed that the Solana network is currently trying to keep up with the hundreds of thousands of players trying to claim the native gaming token. They further added that it would be great if the network developers came up with a way to increase the scalability of the network so the game could run with perfect efficiency.

The management of the Solana network has recently mentioned in a social media post that the network is in the process of adding a new liquidity pool to the ecosystem. According to the GameFi SolChicks pre-launch, the users need to claim their CHICKS token to advance further in the game. On the other hand, the SolChicks developers also have plans for an airdrop event in the next year.

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The team has also warned the players against the numerous fake accounts and scammers who are trying to thug the newcomers. Commenting on the congestion attack on the first day of the launch, the SolChicks developers claimed that the officials are working to fix the issues, and the players should not be worried about any further hindrances. It is worth noting that the token generating event (TGE) suffered from a freeze recently.

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