Taco Bell Set To Host Virtual Wedding In Metaverse

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Metaverse/Virtual Reality is gradually gaining interest, rapidly growing to become infused in all day-to-day human activities. Ever since the announcement of the virtual space idea and innovation by social media mogul Mark Zuckerberg in 2021, the virtual space project has received much interest and migration from companies.

Taco Bell And Decentraland To Host Virtual Couple Wedding In Metaverse

The food chain firm Taco Bell made the announcement known earlier via the micro-blogging platform, Twitter. According to the tweet from the company verified Handle, the Metaverse wedding project will be carried out in collaboration with a virtual 3D platform, Decentraland. 

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The event will be hosted on the Ethereum-powered 3-dimensional virtual reality platform, Decentraland. This virtual wedding will be the first official metaverse wedding hosted by the food-chain company. 

The food-chain company Taco Bell has called for applications from engaged couples who are set to get married. The intending couple should apply for the company’s contest, in which the winning couple will get the metaverse wedding. Although, there are terms and conditions that the couples must be based in the United States. 

The virtual wedding will consist of the proper ceremony and reception, hosted in the Decentraland virtual platform. All wedding invitations, fabrics, jewelry, and marriage certificates will be made/produced from non-fungible tokens. The wedding will have the attendance of a limited number of visitors, musicians, and wedding officiators. All activities will also be conducted; dancing, eating, and others. 

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Metaverse/Virtual Reality Getting High Interest And Adoption

Several cryptocurrency companies have made their way into the space, creating virtual reality elements affiliated with blockchain technology. Also, gaming has been one of the uses of the metaverse space; over 100 companies have launched and are also making moves to launch their virtual reality games. 

The games are built with social media, sports, entertainment, and cultural elements. Arcade games, hockey, table tennis, and others have been built with virtual reality. 

The American food company made known its new virtual reality innovation applicable to daily human life. The platform revealed that plans for the virtual project that will allow couple gets married with Metaverse had been put in place. 

The food-chain company will live-stream the wedding events. According to the announcement and tweet, the engaged couple’s competition will kick-start from August until the 6th of August. 

Only a single couple will emerge as winners, which will probably be crowned the winner and beneficiary of the wedding project. Taco Bell is back in the virtual reality space after making its first appearance in 2017 at a virtual wedding in Las Vegas.

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