U.S. FBI Reclaims Crypto And Fiat worth $500K from Hackers

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According to the report made by the United States of justice, the FBI agency successfully pulled off a recovery mission from a hacking group. Two healthcare centers were reported to have been attacked by a cyber-crime group. The investigation later revealed their affiliation with the North Korean Government.

Two U.S. Healthcare Providers, Victims of The Hackers

The United States Department of Justice stated that the cryptocurrency and fiat scam pulled off by some set of cyber criminals has been reclaimed. The group identity still seems unknown, but they were traced to be affiliated with the North Korean Government. 

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A considerable Bitcoin transfer worth approximately $120k was allegedly wired from a medical center in Kansas in 2021. The criminal group requested a huge ransom from the centers or stopped the center’s running. The center made the payment, and the group requested another payment, which made the center report the attack.

The transaction was investigated and was alleged to have landed in a cyber group wallet in a North Korean wallet. The FBI broke into their wallets, reclaiming over $130,000 from the cyber-criminal group. One of the traced crypto wallets has been on the FBI list for a while.

The FBI issued a search warrant for the funds in the wallet. The wallet has been safe for stolen digital assets, crypto, and laundered money from China operators. The operators were in charge of exchanging the digital assets for money for the cyber-criminal. 

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After the FBI successfully seized the cyber-criminals wallet, a total of cryptocurrency and fiats worth $500k was reclaimed and sent to the two medical centers. The Department of Justice revealed that the cyber hacking set has been responsible for the recent crypto/digital theft in the United States. 

Protect Your Crypto/Digital Assets And Report Attacks

The cases of cryptocurrency wallet hacking and theft have been on the rise lately in the United States and all over the globe. Crypto Investors, holders, buyers, and traders assets are being transferred to an unknown wallet.

A recent study by a security agency, Peckshield, revealed that hackers successfully  $20 million worth of digital assets annually. However, traders, investors, and buyers must be careful not to invest in Ponzi schemes disguised as crypto companies.

The recovery and crypto protection announcement was made at an inter-cyber security summit by Lisa Monaco. Lisa, the U.S. deputy Attorney-General stated crypto theft and scams could be alleviated with the help of the victims. 

Monaco revealed that “we can prevent attack from happening or reclaim stolen assets with the cooperation of the victims. If victims can trust and report as soon as possible to the Federal Investigation Bureau, many assets will be protected’.

‘The FBI can track and reclaim the stolen assets if reports were made immediately. We would arrest and prosecute the hackers. This would help to prohibit their actions and more people from falling victims”.

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