Crypto Exchange, Poloniex, Moves To Expand Presence In India

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This year has seen much progress and expansion of different cryptocurrency firms and companies globally. Over the past few months, several companies have acquired or merged with others, extending their presence in the untapped target crypto audience. 

A cryptocurrency exchange platform has just announced its plans to expand and dominate the Indian regions. The San-Francisco-based exchange platform, Poloniex made the announcement known during its tour in India. 

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Poloniex Plans to Dominate the Indian Crypto Sphere

The exchange company hosted a meeting tagged Poloniex Tour, which had the attendance of prominent figures in the Indian cryptocurrency space. The asset exchange officials announced the event and also enlightened users about its Space Traveler (refer to earn) program on its platform. 

During the Poloniex Tour, the crypto exchange officials discussed with the prominent figures in the crypto industry. The exchange official touch-based with the citizens about how the platform could affect the country’s economy and cryptocurrency space. 

Poloniex’s Marketing Manager was present at the event in which he enlightened crypto users on how to invest, minimize scams and bear risks. Manager Kingsley Tan also emphasized identifying investment-worthy virtual currencies and how to build assets during a market dip.

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Tan spoke regarding the Indian crypto markets, which he revealed possessed countless potential conducive for exchange with prospects. He also promised that the “Poloniex team would identify the needs of India crypto prospects and provide solutions. We are well acquainted and ready to follow all Indian crypto/digital regulatory policy structures, operating with loyalty, dignity, and transparency on Indian soil”. 

Review Of Crypto Exchange Platform, Poloniex

Polonies is one of the pioneering crypto and digital assets exchanges created in 2014. The platform is based in Delaware, San-Francisco, in the United States, where it has expanded across different countries since its inception. 

Poloniex operates in over 100 countries with officials and developers around the globe. The platform functions primarily for cryptocurrency traders at all levels of their careers; professionals, experts, beginners, intermediate, and others. Poloniex was launched with many trading features, 500 spot trading, liquidity swapping pools, and others. 

Earlier this year, the company announced its plan to expand, organize a global tour, and host awareness and campaigns for untapped prospects. The company also intends to partner with projects and companies to create Web3 and blockchain enlightenment.

Poloniex had been eyeing the Indian region for a while now, judging from its past activities. Before its Poloniex Tour, the platform collaborated with private companies to host the Indian Blockchain 2022 event. 

The NGO company, Octaloop was the host of the event before Poloniex collaborated to co-host the August 14th event. The program enlightened and educated Indian citizens about blockchain and Web3 technology, spreading globally.

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