DOGE Refute Affiliation with Any Platform On Twitter

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An account was created on the micro-blogging platform (Twitter) impersonated as DOGE blockchain company customer support. The Cyber criminals presented themselves as an authentic branch of the blockchain company, functioning mainly to help the blockchain users and holders with technical bugs.

DOGE Denies Affiliation with Fake Support On Twitter

Following the news that made rounds on the social media platform, DOGE company has finally addressed the situation. Via the meme token verified Twitter handle, the blockchain company announced the authenticity of the alleged branch.

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The DOGE verified Twitter handle stated that the blockchain has no affiliation with the account/platform, claiming a platform branch. The sham Twitter account claimed to be the company’s customer support was a scam with no affiliations whatsoever. 

According to users and people who came across the scam, the fake Twitter handle stated that DOGE users and clients having issues should report to the platform. The handle revealed that all tech difficulties, issues, and bugs should be reported to customer support. 

Users caught wind of the scam handle after discovering that the account had been live on Twitter since 2012, way before the launch of Dogecoin. A victim revealed that the modus operands of the scam account were to deceive the users into revealing their wallet details. Their seed phrases, wallet transactions, and other details will be collected. 

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The situation was reported to the company’s official account, which swung into action immediately, bringing down the sham account. DOGE verified handle stated that the company would never reach out to customers for their wallet details. User’s account details are personal and private that must be protected adequately.

Scam and Fraud On the High Rise In Cryptocurrency 

Despite the progressive growth and tremendous interest in cryptocurrency, the space is still being inhibited by cyber-criminals. Following the popularity gained by digital currencies between 2019 to 2022, cyber-criminal has turned these currencies into a tool for their fraudulent activities.

Cyber criminals are the bane of cryptocurrency existence, which has caused a lot of crypto enthusiasts, traders, and holders to stay clear of the space. Cyber criminal activities have also caused many people to lose their investments, savings, currencies, and assets worth billions. 

Following the huge achievement and milestone made by meme token DOGE in the cryptocurrency markets, cybercriminals are looking forward to scamming the coin users. A few days ago, there was a report of an impersonation of the DOGE company by some unknown scammers and cyber criminals.

 DOGE users were massively ripped of their investments and assets by scammers in 2021, following the rise of the meme token. The creator curtailed the criminal’s fraud and scam activity. 

However, the scammers may be back on the network to perpetuate their fraudulent acts. Also, there is speculation that the hike in the number of transactions and addresses on the meme token network is evidence of illegal activities being perpetuated on the network.

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