Dogecoin Foundation Wants to Use Starlink Technology for Offline Transactions

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The meme currency Dogecoin is once again in the news about the recent announcement of Tesla CEO Elon Musk about becoming the majority shareholder of Twitter. Musk is responsible for introducing the meme currency on an international scale and setting off a meme coin fever. Musk is also working on other projects besides crypto and EV manufacturing giant.

He is serving as the CEO of a space exploration technology developer SpaceX and working on a new satellite-based internet services provider called Starlink. The main reason for an increasing number of Dogecoin mentions after he bought Twitter postulated that investors were expecting an addition of the meme coin in the Twitter tipping jar. Recently, Doge Foundation announced big plans for the blockchain with Starlink affiliation.

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Two Core Developers of the Dogecoin Project have Joined the Starlink Team to Work on Developing an Offline Application

According to the media reports, two core developers of the Dogecoin Foundation recently joined the Starlink team to work on developing a new application that will allow the users to access the meme tokens offline. The media also reported that the developers are looking into options like RadioDoge that will work in tandem with Starlink Satellite.

The team has postulated that the achievement of the offline Dogecoin services still needs a considerable amount of time. However, the project has managed to get some traction and attention from the investors already. Furthermore, the RadioDoge testnet is already connected to the Starlink technical panel.

Michi Lumin is the lead engineer, and Timothy Stebbing is the Product consultant at Dogecoin Foundation. Both of these executives are the ones that are currently working alongside Starlink technical support to make Dogecoin available offline. The concept of offline trading for blockchain currencies is not a new idea.

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It is worth noting that the government of China is currently working on making its digital Yuan project available offline before the mainframe launch. Radio Doge plans to make use of the HF/LoRaWAN technology that is considered cheap and accessible. Another major project that Dogecoin Foundation is showing interest in is the GigaWallet project. The digital currency wallet built-in in the Dogecoin blockchain will act as a non-custodial address. Doge developers also talked about making use of the Libdogecoin blocks library to serve as the baseline for all the prospective Dogecoin projects.

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