Lido DAO Token Soars By 53% In The Past seven days

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The amount of success and bullish trend made by LDO (Lida DAO) seems shocking to crypto traders, sellers, and buyers for the past week. It was announced as one of the most significant tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, with top choices for the past few days. This move has been a concern to crypto traders and investors, despite the current bear and fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the cryptocurrency market.

LDO Ranks on Ethereum Whale Statistics

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An evaluation made by Whale statistics after the end of the outgoing week favored LDO. The token rose from the bottom and ended up on the list of the top tickets bought during the week. It also appeared on the list of the most traded volume token, its total capital market at $142.3 million.

Deep research shows that a single wallet purchased a token worth over $2 million in just one transaction. Despite the presence of other tokens on the Ethereum whale (USDC worth around $96 million), the LDO signal still indicates more buying pressure. On the same ETH whale, its trading volume increased by over 300% in the past 24 hours, though still trading 93% lower than its all-time highs.

The market price for the token has increased by over 20% in the past 48 hours, and its current market price stands at $1.08. An evaluation of the coins trend for the past 30 days shows an approximately 86% soar in the market price.

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Total Value Soar By 3% In One Month

According to statistics, the total value of LDO tokens locked in a smart contract has soared by approximately 3%, judging from the past 30 days. The token capital values at $5.28 billion currently in the crypto market.  

The token may have soared higher than its current market price. Unfortunately, its bull trendline clashed with the recent loss recorded in the total VL of Defi, which brought it down to $76.7 billion, a total approximate 3% loss. ETH recently recorded a drop of 2% in its market price, triggered by the state of the cryptocurrency market. This drop also affected the TVL of LDO in the past seven days, causing a decline of 1.5%. 

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