On A 1-Year Timeframe, LTC Seems To Be Outperforming Largest Cryptocurrencies

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The leading cryptocurrency market data tracking platform has just shared a new report pertaining to LTC and its biggest rivalries.

The tracking platform, Messari.io, has just issued a report where it has shown how Litecoin (LTC) has performed really well against Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH).

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Messari.io has reportedly run a comparison between LTC and the other major cryptocurrencies in the past 3-months and 1-year timeframes.

Data from Messari.io

The data shared by the tracking firm has revealed that over the past year, the return that the investors have seen from LTC is 28.8%.

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Compared to the BTC and ETH investors, the ROI LTC has generated over the past year is 24.9%. It is a huge achievement for Litecoin over the two major and largest cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to the 3-month comparison, the ROI for the investors of LTC was more than double the ROI for the BTC and ETH investors.

LTC not only killed BTC and ETH in terms of ROI and investments, it even took out several tokens from the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry.

While most of the DeFi tokens were not a good return at all, the landslide margin growth that LTC was able to offer the investors for 2022 was 79%.

ROI for BTC and ETH

While ROI was able to demonstrate strong gains against BTC and ETH as well as the US dollar, the latter were not lucky enough against the greenback.

Their performances were weak against the USD in the year 2022. The ROI that BTC and ETH offered to the investors in the year 2022 against the dollar was negative.

The ROI that Bitcoin offered against the dollar was -33.55%. Whereas, the ROI ETH offered against the greenback was -29.27%. It is important to mention that the information has been gathered by Messari.io.

While LTC remained positive over the course of a year, BTC and ETH did not start performing until the past three months.

This is the reason why a look at the ROI figures of BTC and ETH from the past three months shows that they were positive figures.

These assets were delivering positive performances in the past three months, which is a good sign for the entire crypto industry.

Current Position of LTC

A brief look at the data for LTC from CoinMarketCap shows that the current trading price of the asset is $90.74 per LTC. In the past week, the asset’s trading price has recorded a significant push.

Although the asset’s price has been surging significantly throughout the year, it is worth to mention its past 7-day performance shows a 5% growth.

The market capitalization of LTC has been witnessing gradual growth, showing that it is close to hitting the $7 billion mark. Its current position in the cryptocurrency industry is 14, placing it among the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

Worst Performing Asset

Although Bitcoin is still the largest cryptocurrency asset in the entire crypto industry, it does not mean that it is the best performing.

Its performance in the year 2022 was a complete letdown for the entire investment community. CoinGecko, another major crypto data tracking platform has revealed that Bitcoin was among the worst assets in 2022.

The firm has claimed that Bitcoin was the worst-performing investment asset in the entire industry. Even in comparison with the US dollar, gold, crude oil, and other major instruments, its performance was the worst.

The year 2023 is Fortunate for BTC

Despite ending the year 2022 in a disaster, Bitcoin has entered the year 2023 on a positive note. It is showing its true colors that it did in late December 2020.

In the past 7 days, BTC’s price has surged more than 9%, which is more than the likes of LTC. At the time of writing, BTC trades at a high of $23,054.89.

The surge in its value has contributed tremendously to pushing the overall valuation of the cryptocurrency industry.

For more than half of the year 2022, the overall crypto market capitalization was less than $1 trillion. However, as the year 2023 has begun, the crypto market’s overall valuation has surged by $1 trillion.

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