Polygon Blockchain Becomes Starbucks Choice For Non-Fungible Tokens

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Starbucks, one of the largest multinational coffee chains in the entire world has made an announcement about entering the NFTs.

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The firm has announced that it is launching its first-ever loyalty program based on blockchain technology.

The coffee chain officials have confirmed that they have named the loyalty program “Starbucks Odyssey”.

The Program is in Testing Mode

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The Starbucks Odyssey is set to be launched soon but first, it needs to go through the necessary testing process.

According to the officials, they have worked on the development of their loyalty program alongside the Polygon blockchain.

They will be using their technology for their loyalty program and make sure nothing goes wrong throughout the offering process.

At first, their goal is to test the new program to find any flaws so they can be fixed before the program is officially launched.

For this purpose, they will be launching their first beta testing phase in the United States. The group of testers will be using the program to experience the platform and highlight any problems they may face.

Extension to “Starbucks Rewards”

Starbucks has confirmed that it will be launching the Starbucks Odyssey program as an extension to the already running Starbucks Rewards.

Their aim is to offer their regular customers as many rewards as possible. However, this time, they have decided to make things very exciting for the customers.

They have worked with the expert developers at the Polygon blockchain to come up with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that the customers will earn as rewards.

The non-fungible tokens being rewarded will be coffee-themed. They will be created in such a manner that they will give the customers the feel of real-world experiences.

Starbucks is ready for the Crypto-Blockchain Industry

Earlier this year, Starbucks expressed the desire of becoming part of Web3 and the NFT industry.

With the speed the company has launched a loyalty program based on NFTs, shows how interested the company is in the technology.

It has launched itself into the NFT and Web3 industry with a blast and is eager to gain more ground in near future.

Starbucks has the Starbucks Odyssey loyalty program in place to pump the adoption level of NFTs. The coffee chain is going to offer its support to the crypto industry by adding its contribution to the NFT sector.

Starbucks Calls it Journeys

Starbucks has been coming up with interesting ways to attract the masses to its loyalty programs. It is achieving that by launching multiple programs and activities that the customers can participate in and benefit from.

The ultimate goal for the customers is to earn rewards and from the looks of it, Starbucks has an abundance of rewards.

Starbucks has announced that it wants to increase the adoption of NFTs and it has encouraged its members to do it by launching an activity called “Journeys”.

It wants people to engage in multiple activities that are rewarded in the form of NFTs. With the customers getting the chance to earn rewards, it is going to be a huge hit.

Starbucks has confirmed that they have chosen the Polygon blockchain for launching the Starbucks Odyssey loyalty program.

The entire management of the loyalty programs will be in the hands of the Polygon development teams. They will be keeping a close look at the loyalty program and will be taking care of its beta testing phase.

Details about Journey

The purpose of Journeys is to bring more people to Starbucks to create more awareness around coffee. They also want people to know about the history of their business and its origin.

The program also offers multiple activities that include taking quizzes, watching videos, and playing puzzles.

Through the Starbucks Odyssey program, the members will have the opportunity of collecting NFTs that will be part of the digital collectible Stamps.

The members will get the chance of acquiring Odyssey Points they will be able to use to utilize exclusive offers and services.

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