Polygon Labs and Intella X to Showcase Web3 Gaming Technology at GDC 2023

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  • During GDC 2023, Intella X will exhibit Web3 gaming
  • Trial Run of the Shapella Hard Fork for Ethereum Withdrawals on the Beacon Chain

During GDC 2023, Intella X will exhibit Web3 gaming

The well-known South Korean gaming business NEOWIZ has announced that Polygon Labs and its cutting-edge Web3 gaming technology, Intella X, will show at the forthcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, U.S.

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In addition to the first-person shooter (FPS) “Alliance of Valiant Arms,” the non-fungible token PFP initiative “Early Retired Cats Club,” and a preview of the future Web3 multiplayer online role-playing game “Echo of Soul Gold,” the platform will display its selection of games at the event on Mar 22.

An Intella X representative expressed excitement about working with Polygon Labs for the Game Developers Conference this year. They look forward to exhibiting their forthcoming game subjects and providing an outstanding Web3 gaming experience on the Polygon platform.

Urvit Goel, vice president for a head of global business development at Polygon Labs, lauded Intella X for their outstanding technology and content selection, which has helped them establish themselves as a strong competitor in the Web3 gaming market.

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Goel continued by expressing their happiness at having Intella X displayed in the Polygon exhibit at the GDC. Despite organizing an on-scene NFT clearance event for their planned ‘Early Retired Cats Club’ NFT PFP project, Intella X also intends to organize a game display.

Visitors to the event can take part by stopping by the Polygon station, where winners will be chosen at random for the opportunity to generate one of the eagerly awaited NFT PFF initiatives on the Polygon Network.

In recent news, Intella X established the “Intella X Wallet” and released the first game from their 2023 schedule before officially announcing their attendance at the Game Developers Conference.

In addition to their other recent initiatives, Intella X and IndiGG have teamed up for the GameOn program, a joint digital marketing project between Polygon Labs and INDIGG that aims to encourage a secure Web3 gaming environment.

In the first six months of 2023, Intella X intends to introduce its network services, including its own Non-fungible Token Launchpad Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Exchange.

Trial Run of the Shapella Hard Fork for Ethereum Withdrawals on the Beacon Chain

The second last test run for Ethereum auditors to remove their Ether $1,714 out of the Beacon Chain was the Shapella hard fork based on the Goerli testnet (GTH). The hard fork, however, ran into some difficulties.

An Ethereum key developer named Tim Beiko claims that numerous testnet authenticators should have upgraded their customer’s software before the Goerli fork, resulting in less effective handling of deposits.

Beiko explained this by saying that since the Goerli Ethereum has no value, testnet authenticators have “no motive” to upgrade their software. However, he is still confident that authenticators will implement the required updates ahead of the Ethereum mainnet fork.

The Shapella hard fork into the Goerli testnet reportedly took 15 periods due to platform membership being under the two-thirds requirement, as per Ethereum analyst “terence.eth”.

The most keenly anticipated of the five Ethereum Investment proposals included in the Shapella upgrade, EIP-4895, would deliver staked ETH to the execution layer from the Beacon Chain. With the implementation of this EIP, Ethereum will soon be a fully operational proof-of-stake system.

Despite considerable delays in preparing the Goerli and Sepolia testnets for the split, Shapella is projected to be implemented on the Ethereum mainnet in April 2023. A hard fork on the Shapella blockchain could result in the release of 17.6 million Ethereum, now worth approximately $30 billion.

This money may be withdrawn in whole or in part due to the fork. To avoid a sudden increase in Ethereum production, the Ethereum Foundation has implemented numerous safeguards.

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