Presale Reviews: Flasko (FLASK), Big Eyes (BIG), & Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

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  • Big Eyes dominated the crypto space as a cat-inspired coin.
  • Flasko allows individuals to invest in high-end alcohol through NFTs.
  • Orbeon Protocols offers a new way to invest in startups.

Big Eyes – a Cat-Inspired Token

Big Eyes is a new cat-inspired meme coin in the crypto space. Though not the first meme coin in the marketplace, it provides a unique meme coin perspective. While most meme assets have ape/monkey or dog themes, BIG emerged with a different approach, adopting a cat style.

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Big Eyes separates itself from other themed tokens and initiatives by adopting a cat’s friendly and adorable personality while introducing some unique functionalities. The cat-themed BIG tries to compete with Dogecoin, a similar coin centered around pets.

Big Eyes runs on the ETH network and uses the ERC20 standard. The asset’s pre-sale started in Q3 2022. Meanwhile, Big Eyes targets to generate wealth and build a community committed to ocean preservation. 5% of the BIG overall supply will be in a charity wallet.

Flasko – Invest in Wines, Champagnes, and Whiskeys’

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Flasko is an alternative investment platform allowing individuals to invest in champagnes, whiskeys, and wines. It plans to exist longer, freezing its assets for 33 years. Flasko users can sell and invest in part or entire NFTs backed by high-end, rare wines, champagnes, and whiskeys.

Moreover, the project can physically deliver assets for investors that select full FLASK NFTs to their preferred locations.

Flasko will provide 33% of its one billion supply for pre-sale. Moreover, it will list 12.5% on exchanges, 17% for marketing, and 14% for developers. Meanwhile, 15% will account for community investment, 0.5% for charities, and 5% for the project’s partnerships.

Orbeon Protocol – Offering Access to Venture Capital Market

Orbeon Protocol ensures startups raise cash more efficiently than out-of-date crowdfunding approaches. Businesses can use the platform to increase their visibility and reach potential investors. That heightens community engagement and supports the company sustain its operations for the long term.

Orbeon Protocol runs as a blockchain investment platform that mines fractionalized NFTs, and individuals can buy the NFTs, paying as low as a dollar. Such accessibility remains crucial for investors who can interact with the venture capital space in a new way.

You can visit the projects’ official websites for more information.

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