Price Of OP Tokens Plunges By 13% On A Daily Basis As Optimism Continues With Airdrops

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The cryptocurrency industry is introduced with dozens of cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. However, not many cryptocurrencies are able to earn the spotlight.

Only a handful of cryptocurrencies are able to gain market attention and investors then start investing in them.

Top Crypto Prices

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Cardano (ADA)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
Polygon (MATIC)

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On the other hand, there are cryptocurrencies that gain a tremendous amount of growth and adoption prior to their mainnet launch.

Sometimes, it is the network that the cryptocurrencies are being launched through that cause ripples throughout the cryptocurrency industry.

If a cryptocurrency is launched through the Ethereum network, it is bound to turn heads in the crypto industry.

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Optimism is here

Optimism is the cryptocurrency that is gaining fast growth and adoption in the cryptocurrency industry. The reason is none other than the platform being on the Ethereum blockchain.

On top of that, it is a layer-two solution that has caught the attention of the entire cryptocurrency industry. The name of the particular protocol is Optimism which has already launched its native token dubbed “OP” token.

Surprisingly, the Optimism platform was highly anticipated by the cryptocurrency industry, especially, by the Ethereum communities.

The users had been hoping that the new protocol will be launched and would send tides all over the cryptocurrency industry.

Finally, the wait is over and the protocol has been launched, bringing a lot of attention to the OP token.

Major Airdrop for OP Tokens

The Optimism officials have tried to launch the token with a bang as they have launched a major airdrop for the promotion of the OP token.

The platform has airdropped millions of OP tokens to multiple cryptocurrency wallet addresses. Technically, each address represents a user from the crypto industry.

The teams have reportedly distributed a total of 11,700,000 OP tokens to hundreds of thousands of wallet addresses. According to the statistics, more than 300,000 unique addresses have received OP tokens.

The First Airdrop was a Huge Success

The most interesting fact about Optimism is that it is not the first airdrop that the platform has launched. This is the second and ongoing airdrop where the platform has distributed 11.7 million OP tokens so far.

The platform had already carried out an airdrop, which resulted in the platform distributing a tremendous number of OP tokens to the users.

During the first airdrop, Optimism distributed around 200,000,000 OP tokens. However, the tokens were distributed among 250,000 unique cryptocurrency addresses.

The Optimism platform has called these addresses (users) the early adopters of the OP token. The tokens they received had a significant value added to them over the course of time.

The firm has revealed that there were some users who were able to receive $20,000 worth of OP tokens during the first airdrop.

So far, the second airdrop has only seen a meager number of OP tokens distributed among a higher number of wallets compared to the first airdrop.

This means that the adoption level for the OP tokens has risen in the second airdrop compared to the first one. It is a promising factor for the OP tokens and an even more promising aspect for the Optimism platform.

It is like an assurance for the investors that the protocol has been gaining fast success and its adoption level is constantly rising.

Average Tokens Received by the Users

According to the officials, the average number of OP tokens that the users have received in the second airdrop so far is almost 39. The value of these tokens is currently less than $100.

Although the firm shared its success over the airdrop, things have not worked out quite well for Optimism.

Ever since sharing details of the second airdrop, the adoption level for the OP tokens has recorded a 13% dip. Following the decline, the price of the asset has been reduced to $2.35 per OP.

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