Reddit, Galaxy, and Genesis Officials To Raise Crypto Funds

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Reddit founder Alex Ohanian has announced its move to launch its crypto investment platform called 776’s fund (kryptos). The social media founder revealed that the investment firm would be founded in October for crypto users to invest and take interest despite the market bear. 

Alex Ohanian To Launch 776’s Fund Crypto Investment Firm

Reddit founder Alex Ohanian has announced that he will launch the 776’s fund crypto investment platform in October. The platform, also called “Kryptos,” will be a medium for crypto enthusiasts to make money/ increase their portfolios despite the market situation. 

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The investment target is $177.7 million, which will be used to purchase and move some tokens in the market. According to the report, virtual currencies with potential are being considered for staking and investing. The investment firm’s executive warns crypto enthusiasts that this is the best time to purchase currencies for holding or trades. 

“Market all out on sale; this is the best time to acquire/invest in virtual currencies” – Katelin Holloway.

The 776’s fund (kryptos) was founded in 2020 as an investment firm advisor and platform for crypto lovers to invest for gains and charity. However, the company secured authentication approval with the United States S.E.C. in April 2022.

Following the approval, the investment fund firm could operate as a crypto investor, advisor, and portfolio manager in the United States. Since its inception, the firm has invested in many crypto projects; SOL blockchain in November 2021, Yuga Labs, Stoke Space, Papa, Quicknode, several web3 companies, and others. 

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Genesis and Galaxy Officials To Raise Crypto Funds

According to a report from the United States, SEC, Genesis Digital, and galaxy have filed for approval to raise funds for crypto investment. The investment is being raided and garnered by the outgone and incumbent officials of both companies. 

The commission failed to reveal full details regarding the fund; however, the group hinted at a privately pooled interest investment. The figures supporting the acquisition include; Michael Jordan (Galaxy’s Vice-president), Joshua (Genesis top official), and Convex trading platform CEO.

The last quarter of 2022 may pose competitive in the cryptocurrency space, following the vast number of migrations of tech companies into the virtual currency. Although 2022 has been one of the worst years for cryptocurrencies, the potential in the space has continued to endear investors and companies. 

A few days ago, there was also a report that Polygon blockchain developer garnered $50,000,000 for web3 companies. CoinFund also allocated over $200 million for small companies in crypto and web3. 

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