Dogecoin Developers Want to Use Starlink Technology for Offline DOGE Transactions

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Dogecoin Foundation has nominated two executives to work with Starlink satellites and enable offline Dogecoin transactions. Both members of the Dogecoin Foundation recently posted a new blog post. The collective article shares the details of the vision and projection of the Doge Foundation workers on the Starlink project.

The blog also shared insights and updates on the lateral Dogecoin projects. One such project is Gigawallet, a dedicated Dogecoin digital currency wallet that will allow users to hold and exchange cryptocurrencies. Another such project is RadioDoge, the ultimate offline Dogecoin wallet that will allow users to make offline Dogecoin transactions via Starlink.

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Offline Dogecoin Transactions will Make Things Very Easy for DOGE Investors

The concept of offline Dogecoin transactions is much more complex than it seems at the outset. The technology will not only make an impression on the financial infrastructure and digital payment options. But for internet users, it is also going to create a lot of difference. Starlink engineers and Dogecoin developers are planning to make use of a cheap yet effective technology called HF/LoRaWAN.

As per the description of the DOGE Foundation blog post, the people who are present in remote areas of the world will also be able to access financial services with its assistance. The Dogecoin Foundation also has plans to improve the utility and use cases of the meme currency that can increase its adaptability and increase its market stability.

The Dogecoin developers have revealed projects like Gigawallet and RadioDoge thus far for public knowledge. Meanwhile, the Dogecoin engineers are also making preparations for the first appearance of the Libdogecoin. Libdogecoin is an introductory block of Dogecoin that is meant to set a precedent for all the upcoming DOGE products.

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Thus far, a regional hub has been dedicated from Michi Lumin. The Regional Hub can work as a testnet for all Doge-related experiments. The team has shown the capability to transmit HF Radio signals at 150 miles from Colorado to Regional Hub that will ultimately be processed by the Starlink Satellite. The test transaction was made using the Libdogecoin block at its base.

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