Dogecoin Releases Latest Update

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Dogecoin has released its latest update and it has gone live. Core 1.14.6 comes with significant improvements and features in its user interface. Dogecoin announced the update via its Twitter account on Thursday.

Publication Update

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Details about the update were posted on Dogecoin’s GitHub page on Thursday. It stated that it is just a minor version that got released. The update is said to include security updates as well as improved network efficiency.

Importantly, the publication recommended all Dogecoin users, miners, relay operators, and service providers upgrade. The publication equally detailed the security solutions and other development included.

The new update contains a lot of security amendments to the Dogecoin network. First, the network’s alert system has been deleted and alert message processing has been disabled. Secondly, the system of downloading transactions is now more available and reliable.

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Thirdly, the Dogecoin protocol has been amended to automatically reject malformed or buggy messages.  Finally, managing memory in case of a slow connection or network jam has been greatly improved.

The new release also amended the recommended dust peg for participants on the network. It has changed from 1 DOGE now to 0.01 DOGE. The complete recommendations on other fees are in the release note.

Dumpwalley and Backupwallet behaviors in RPC methods which makes them write exclusively to the directory are changed. Bachupdir cannot overwrite files anymore. The number of addnode for a node to track per time has been pegged at 800.

Other features

There is a new RPC method added, liststucktransaction, to aid wallet operators in identifying stuck transactions. It means they have not been mined, then they are not in the mempool. It is helpful in situations when dust policies or node-local change, to avoid sending old transactions.

Also, there is a pruning configuration added to the user interface. It makes it easier for graphical installation users to save disk space.

Another RPC method, setmaxconnections, was also added to enable node and wallet operators maximum connections. They would not need to restart and it allows for more control of the network’s capacity.

The graphics in the user interface monitor has significant improvement. It now keeps track of traffic in the background and renders it when demanded.

Another RPC, rescan, was added to let node operators scan the chain again for wallet transactions. It can help boost the scan speed. A new endpoint was also added to the REST server. It will find the present best block at a particular height. 

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